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Talpe Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Talpe, Sri Lanka (also known as Thalpe depending where you look) is one of the fastest developing suburbs near Galle on Sri Lanka’s South Coast. Over recent years a number of luxury villas in Talpe, boutique hotels and excellent restaurants have been opening and the popularity continues to increase with two new beach clubs opening in early 2019 where guests of Monara House will be able to enjoy great music, jazz Sunday’s and fine food by some of Colombo’s best restauranteurs.

Where is Talpe?

Travelling to Talpe

Things to do in Talpe

Restaurants in Talpe

Surf Breaks near Talpe

Safety in Talpe

Hospitals near Talpe

Distance from Colombo Airport to Talpe

Where is Talpe Sri Lanka?

Talpe is conveniently located 20 minutes drive west of Galle town and Galle Fort, 10 minutes from Unawatuna Beach, 15 minutes from Ahangama, 30 minutes from Weligama and 45 minutes from Mirissa.

Distance from Colombo Airport to Talpe
and Travelling to Monara House

Talpe Sri Lanka is around 2.5 hours by car or minibus from Colombo International Airport via the Expressway. Cars or minibusses can be arranged to pick up guests directly from the airport or any other hotel or location in Sri Lanka. For those of you planning on travelling Sri Lanka by train, the journey will take around 4-5 hours from Colombo but it’s a fantastic journey and if you get a seat, an experience well worth it. If you’re coming to Talpe from Kandy, you’ll also be able to get the train direct to Talpe train station which is only a few minutes away from Monara House. The Stationmaster will be able to help you arrange a tuk-tuk (three wheelers) to bring you to Monara House or if you walk to the main road (Matara Road) you’ll pick up a tuk-tuk. (just remember to go right toward Galle town) Alternatively, we can also arrange for someone to come and meet you from the train

Snapshot of Things to Do in Talpe

Talpe is a small area that stretches just over a mile but it’s perfectly located to explore Sri Lanka’s south coast. Local sights near Talpe include:

  • Rumassala and the Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Wijaya Beach and the famous Instagram rope swing
  • Unesco heritage sight of Galle Fort
  • Midigama, Kabalana, Weligama, Mirissa Surf Breaks
  • Blue Whale watching from Mirissa or by Air from Koggala airport
  • Bike ride through paddy fields
  • Stand Up Paddle Board in the Indian Ocean or Thalduwa river
  • Unawatuna Blow Hole
  • Unawatuna Beach
  • Koggala Stilt Fisherman
  • Ayurvedic Treatment & Spas
  • Enjoy a bike ride through paddy fields in the local villages near Talpe
  • Visit a tea plantation and factory
  • Discover the Cinnamon Experience
  • Deep sea diving or reef diving from Unawatuna
Food in Thalpe

Restaurants in Talpe Near Monara House

In no particular order, we’ve selected some of our favourite places to eat in the local area around Monara House. As you’ll find in Sri Lanka, searching online won’t always generate the best results. As locals to the area, we’ve been lucky enough to have tasted our way around the local restaurants in Talpe and we’re delighted to be able to recommend some of our favourite day and night hangouts.

Why House, Talpe

Great for: Quiet and (semi) private dining Experience with a lovely wine

What to eat: It’s recommended to call ahead and ask what’s on the menu the day before. All food is purchased daily to ensure the produce served is fresh. We would highly recommend the locally caught fish and make sure you save room for a desert.

Family Friendly: Absolutely, however, do call ahead as the property can be booked in advance

Highlight: The gorgeous garden and atmosphere

More info and bookings: www.whyhousesrilanka.com

The Owl & Pussy Cat, Talpe

Great for: Sunset Dinner & Fine Wine

What to eat: The chef at the Owl & Pussy Cat’s “ The Runcible Spoon” restaurant specialised in serving the best local seafood and locally sourced produce with the backdrop of a sunset over the Indian Ocean. This is a great place for those who want to get dressed up and enjoy a night of luxury dining.

Family Friendly: Yes, however, we recommend you check ahead before arriving to ensure they can cater for kids.

Highlight: Sunday Jazz session in the garden

More info and bookings: www.otphotel.com

Wijaya Beach Restaurant & Cafe

Great for: Day at the beach, sunset and the odd party with guest international DJ’s

What to eat: The food here is classic, tasty and simple. The highlights of Wijaya are the pizzas and the prawn and mango salad are a must try. (yes, you can usually eat salad in Sri Lanka). Other must-try dishes include the Tuna Steak and Sri Lankan Curry.

Family Friendly: Why yes it is. Wijaya is a great location for people with families of all ages.

Highlight: Every day at sunset, Christmas Day, New Years

More info and bookings: www.wijayabeach.com

Health & Wellness, Fitness and
Adventure Near Talpe, Galle

Talpe is one of the hubs of health and wellness with easy access to the best Surf breaks, Ayurvedic Spas, World class yoga shalas and a new adventure scene which is developing rapidly in the area. Here’s a summary of some local services for health & wellness, fitness and adventure activities near Talpe.

Sri Yoga Shala

Type: Sunrise Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and more

Where: Sri Yoga Shala, Talpe

More info: www.sriyogashala.com

Yoga With Asiri

Where: Unawatuna

More info: www.yogawithasiri.net

Tri Yoga

Type: Quantum Yoga (Lara “Baumann” Drummond)

Where: Tri, Koggala Lake

More info: www.trilanka.com

Surf Breaks Near Talpe, Galle

Some of the best surf breaks on Sri Lanka’s South Coast are near Talpe. Here’s our local guide to the
best surf breaks near Talpe and the rough distances by tuk-tuk

The Peak Surf Break

Distance from Talpe: 10 minutes

Surf level: Intermediate to advance

Dewata Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  15 minutes East

Surf level: beginner to advance

Wijaya Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  
5 minutes

Surf level: intermediate to advance

Koggala Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  10 minutes West

Surf level: intermediate to advance

Ahangama Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  20 minutes West

Surf level: beginner to advance

Hiriketiya Surf Break

Distance from Talpe: 1 hour

Surf level: intermediate to advance

Hikkaduwa Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  30 minutes along the coast East

Surf level: beginner to advance

Midigama Surf Break / Rams Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  35 minutes West

Surf level: intermediate to advance

Kabalana Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  15 minutes West

Surf level: beginner to advance

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding: Ahangama, Mirissa

More info: www.gangaadventures.com

Mirissa Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:
 45 minutes West

Surf level:
intermediate to advance

Weligama Surf Break

Distance from Talpe:  30 minutes West

Surf level: beginner to advance

Is Talpe A Safe Area?

As with all developing countries, safety will be of concern to our guests. Monara Villa has 24-hour security guards on site and generally, Talpe is a safe area. Crime will of course happen but generally, this is minimal. In the popular tourist season, the most trouble you will most likely have is from local tuk-tuk drivers trying to overcharge you. It is recommended that you negotiate your rates before you drive anywhere and ensure you have the right change before you get in the tuk-tuk. Women, in particular, should be careful travelling by tuk-tuk alone and we recommend using a driver that is recommended and knows the area or download the pickme application as drivers are registered and rates fixed. On arrival, we’ll be happy to provide you with some local recommended drivers who will be happy to work for you during your stay at Monara House.

The main area of concern for guests safety will be local bus drivers who are notoriously dangerous drivers in Sri Lanka. It’s always best to use a recommended driver who will know how to drive on the roads safely. We also suggest a polite word to ask drivers to be careful and drive slowly if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

A quick guide to costs for tuk-tuk’s from Monara House

Monara House, Talpe to Galle Fort – 600-800 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Dewata Beach – 500-600 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Kingfisher Restaurant, Unawatuna – 400-500 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Wijaya Beach – 200-300 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Habraduwa Turtle Hatchery – 400-500 rs

Monara House, Talpe to The Fortress, Koggala – 500-600 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Koggala Stilt Fisherman – 500-600 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Ahangama South – 700-800 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Ahangama North – 800-900 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Weligama – 1200-1500 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Mirissa – 1500-2000 rs

Monara House, Talpe to Hikkaduwa – 1000-1500 rs

Wildlife Safety

Snakes and scorpions can be found across Sri Lanka but generally, they will stay away from populated areas. In the event you encounter one of these local creatures, it’s best to take care and avoid trying to handle them. Snakes such as vipers and cobras are highly venomous but bites are extremely rare. In the event of a snake bit, you will need to attend Karapitiya Hospital and not the private hospital Asiri (Hemas Hospital).

Sri Lanka does have rabies, however, thanks to the work of the local Talpe dog clinic most local dogs and street dogs are vaccinated. In the event you or someone in your group is bitten by a dog anywhere in Sri Lanka we would recommend finding the owner and checking to see if they have a certificate for the dogs last vaccination. If you can’t be provided with this, you should go to Karapitiya Hospital (during the morning) and request a series of injections. Before taking any action we recommend you consult your emergency travel insurance company and seek professional medical advice.

How do you contact emergency services in Sri Lanka?

In the event of an emergency, we recommend contacting our local agent or staff at the property. If required you can call the local emergency services on 119 however they don’t speak good English which can be a challenge. You can also find local Tourist Police numbers here.

Hospitals Near Talpe

The nearest private hospital to Talpe is Asiri Hospital (Hemas Hospital) in Galle Town. The nearest government hospital is Karapitiya.

Karapitiya Hospital

Address: Karapitiya, Galle

Phone: 0912 232 267

Asiri Hospital (Hemas Hospital)

Address: Wakwella Road, Galle 80000

Phone: 0914 640 640

Things To Do Before You Arrive At
Monara House, Talpe

Here’s a few handy tips to help you prepare for your holiday in Talpe

Changing Money at the airport

Before you leave the airport, we recommend you change some cash. All the banks that operate at the airport offer the same rate so you can use any of them. The other option is to use a cash point. HNB banks don’t charge the majority of international cards so there’s a small saving to make on cash withdrawals.

Make sure you have a backup bank card

Sri Lanka’s cash points and card payment systems can be ‘temperamental’. It’s worth having a bank card that doesn’t charge for international bank transactions and have a backup credit card in case of emergencies.

Is your ID Valid?

Before you leave, it’s a good idea to check that your ID is valid and when you’re travelling in Sri Lanka, always carry valid ID in case for any reason you encounter local police.

Arrange an airport transfer

Before arriving in Sri Lanka contact our property management team who will be able to arrange a transfer from the airport or any other accommodation you have booked prior to arriving at Monara House.

Pre-order your wine and drinks

Guests of Monara House will be able to enjoy a glass of their favourite wine and beverages by pre-ordering alcohol which will be delivered to the Villa before you arrive. Monara House is not licenced to sell alcohol and if you do like to have something of a specific standard, then we recommend you pre-order your selection. Thanks to our partnership with the Villa Social Club and Wineworld.lk our guests can also secure 7% discount on orders made via wineworld.lk