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Deal safely with tuk-tuk drivers

Top 5 tips for travelling in tuk-tuks, Sri Lanka

Tuk-tuks or three-wheelers are the preferred mode of transport in Sri Lanka, especially for visitors. While there are many positive stories of how tuk-tuk drivers have helped passengers, you also hear about a handful that has been scammed or harangued at the end of the ride. When you are travelling in a foreign land it is important to follow guidelines that will assist you to deal safely with tuk-tuk drivers.

Safety guidelines

  • Be attentive
  • Avoid chitchat
  • Be mindful of your conversations
  • Safeguard your belongings
  • Travelling at night

Tip 1 – Be attentive

Before getting into a tuk-tuk take a good look at the behaviour of the driver especially if you are commuting by yourself. Talk to the driver and see how they respond, if they speak in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable then avoid getting in. One thing you can do is check with the hotel staff at Monara House or the villa you are staying in if they can recommend a taxi driver or taxi service to travel in.

Tip 2 – Avoid chitchat

You will come across tuk-tuk drivers that are quite chatty. The driver may be conversing to entertain or simply because they are friendly however you must be wary.  Avoid revealing your personal information. Tuk-tuk drivers are the best to help you find locations if you are looking for villas for rent Talpe, Sri Lanka they will be able to assist you but do not go unless you check regarding the location online or from another source.

Tip 3 – Be mindful of your conversations

When travelling in a tuk-tuk make sure to keep your conversations low key. Make sure not to let out details such as account numbers, address, room numbers or contact details. Drivers may take down these details and worry you later.

Tip 4 – Safeguard your belongings

Make sure to keep your belonging close. If you get down for something then make sure to take your belongings with you. Do not leave your children in the vehicle even if you get off to buy something.

Tip 5 –Travelling at night

Travelling alone at night is risky especially for women. In case you are in a situation where you need to use a tuk-tuk at night, take necessary precautions.