Luxury Holiday House In Talpe Sri Lanka

Visit Talpe, South Coast, Sri Lanka

Your visit to the south of Sri Lanka will include a perfect mix of beaches, nature, adventure, culture, history, architecture and plenty more one of a kind experiences. Travel with ease to all parts of the southern coast by renting a luxury holiday house in Talpe, Sri Lanka, which is a central location in this part of the country. Here are a few things to do during your trip to the south.

Go Whale watching in Mirissa

The Dondra Point is accessible from Galle, Hikkaduwa, and Mirissa. However, Mirissa is considered the best place in the south to venture into the sea to watch these majestic sea creatures. During the peak season, there is a 95% chance of spotting sperm whales and a greater chance of spotting the magnificent Blue Whale.

Take a safari at Yala National Park

The Yala National Park is among the oldest and most renowned of the 15 national parks in Sri Lanka. Covering approximately 1,300 square kilometers it is home to a range of unique ecosystem. With vegetation including moist and dry monsoon forests, thorn forest, savannah grasslands and fresh and saltwater wetlands, it comes as no surprise that the Yala national park has the perfect habitats for a large number of endemic plant and animal species unique to the country.

Discover Talpe

Nestled away from the busy major cities, Talpe is a peaceful town known for its untouched beaches. Staying at luxury villas in Talpe, Sri Lanka will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the serenity of this hideaway as well as travel to the tourist hub Galle that is minutes away. The unspoiled beaches of Thalpe can keep you occupied for days however if you want to step out then popular attractions include Koggala Lake, Galle Fort, Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum.

These are a gist of things you can do during your time in Sri Lanka. Book your luxury villas in Talpe, Sri Lanka to have the best accommodation during your stay in the country.