Bar Hopping In Galle Fort

Sri Lanka Holiday Guide – Luxury Bar Hopping In Galle

Sun drenched and kissed by the salty, sensuous breeze from the Indian Ocean, Galle Fort is a charming holiday destination. Apart from being home to some of the well-known villas in Sri Lanka, the area is scattered with plenty of ritzy restaurants and more importantly bars.

High end bars in Galle

  • The Living Room
  • The Lady’s Hill
  • Dick’s Bar

The Living Room

The Living Room is a part of the Three by TPV, an interior décor store. The Moroccan inspired interior of the Living Room is draped in style and furnished with fanciful art and flower arrangements. The atmosphere is designed to help guests step in to a whimsical world of fun. You will feel like you’re in one of the ancient villas in Sri Lanka or rather a story book version of it where guests were entertained with flair. The Living Room offers a considerable selection of cocktails, beer and wine.

The Lady Hill

The Lady Hill boasts of one of the best views in town. The bar is the sort of place to visit for pre-dinner drinks. You can gaze at the immense greenery that extends towards a rustic coastline while you sip your favourite drink. If you stay long enough, you will be able to savour the colours of the setting sun along with your beverage of choice. Once the sun sets, the Lady Hill offers guests soothing music and soft lighting.

Dick’s Bar

Dick’s Bar is part of The Sun House, a boutique hotel set in a tranquil corner. The bar was once listed as one of the top 25 emerging cocktails bars by Conde Nast. Dick’s bar is renowned for their signature drinks, Arak sours and watermelon martinis. You can lie down on cushiony sofas and choose a book from their collection if you happen to be a bookworm. The bar offers a variety of tea as well as an inventive selection of cocktails. You can expect to be intrigued by the unusual mixes that the barman uses to concoct his cocktails.